Sunday, October 2, 2011

Arrested Development Reunion: Initial Recap

First off, I am totally geeking out right now. The happiness this reunion brought me, well, I dont want to think of the implications, but it felt like a family reunion. Eeek. Either way, I have much to say and report on, but let's get to the hard facts we are of course all excited for. In no particular order, well, the first is definitely the most important, is a list of five things I learned about Arrested Development.

1. As much as we can trust these awesome people, everyone is on board for the movie, and Hurwitz actually has a full creative plan. He's written half of the movie screenplay. And in ambitious move, he's slated a ten episode arc to focus on each character to bring us up to date as a lead into the movie.
2. Michael Cera never actually was against or held back the movie. Apparently, he went all Andy Kaufman and played the villain, because why not. Also his new hair is ridiculous. .
3. As you guessed, much of the show was improvised and off the cuff. Jeffrey Tambor was only slated for the pilot, which seems ridiculous.
4. Each one of them exuded some genuine excitement and warmth for this event. Apparently, they are not only individually funny, but very intelligent. They each spoke with supreme clarity about the intracicies of the show, its avant garde nature, and the brilliance of the characters etc. They also all did the chicken dance - Video is coming. 
5. The room felt like a large family gathering including the fans. All of the fans were also very smart, funny, and intelligent. Great questions. Lucille's answer to her favorite moment or line in Arrested, "when buster says as if anyone would ever R you, mother."
More to come. 

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