Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Way of Nature and the Way of Grace

Yesterday, I saw the critically acclaimed movie, The Tree of Life, a film written and directed by the elusive Terence Malick. I hope to post about the movie when I can, but in the interim, the movie inspired me to write this poem, which I wanted to share.

Sometimes I see a person walking
Towards me or away, I cannot tell.
Frozen with delight, this mundane puzzle
resolves itself with mere shards of time.
But in that instant of uncertainty,
In that moment of weightless doubt
Time ceases its ceaseless march, as
Transcendence slips its frightened feet
Into  the cloth of my being. Stay forever,
I plead. Then, intellect, like the immature, childish, cold uncle
Who shatters the dreams of Santa, of fairies, of wrestling
And god, shoos away these pesky vestiges
Of an atavistic life with one sweep of reason’s brush.
And I, helpless against these rapacious mistresses
Continue on, without thought, towards the grocery store.

thanks for reading. 
Super JoeTalk.

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